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about us

Constantly changing the lives of People

Bluesoft is a 100% black owned IT Technology Company that has succesfully developed and deployed bespoke software solutions, We are people focused,Technology driven,community based.

Bluesoft aims to deliver software products which not only make difference to the community but gives back to the community aswell via skills development and certifications of individuals within the community whilst sticking to the highest standards of Technology.

Our track record demonstrates flexibility, resilience and understanding in regard of shifting trends. Following our assessment of your basic requirement, we will draw up a clear and tailored plan that contains details of what analytically appears to be the best solution for your firm. We will refine and redraft the plan after further discussion direct with you, in order to meet your individual needs. We commit our self to providing for you first-class IT support & solution from our company that is capable, knowledgeable and flexible.

our history

Bluesoft's first inception began with tailored medical software solutions in the private sector offering General Practitioner's a way to manage their practices.

the begining of Bluesoft's advertising links website was born, the bluesoft linking website was aimed at advertising other company's websites with aim of bringing more traffic to these sites on a continuos basis

Bluesoft benchmarked shopping platforms for various retailers and has played a big role amongst major ecommerce sites

The introduction of the company's vehicle and fleet and management solutions which have largely become a very big source of business for the company


Improving The Community

Bluesoft has in the past years been aiming to increase levels of job creation in the community for people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, our streams of job creation have been addressed in the following ways

Utlimately Skills Development and Job Creation is our greatest aim especially in today's economy, we aim to bring change and Knowledge transfer in poor communities so that people from these areas are empowered to be marketable and give them this exposure and experience. Donations are more than welcome, if you feel you can assist us in any way please donate by entering your amount and clicking the pay now button below